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Who's Watching Your Back& Your Business? Just You Alone OR You With a Peer Advisory Board

Structure and Benefits Of Our Peer Advisory Boards


  • It’s about being a successful business owner…period!
  • 8 – 10 carefully-selected owners of diverse businesses advise each other
  • No competitors
  • Led by a skilled Facilitator
  • Your “personal” think tank, sounding board…and board of advisors
  • Monthly Meeting (1/2 Day):
    • Members advise each other
    • Everyone asks for and offers advice and input
    • If you’re in the room…you will get value
  • Typical Meeting Agenda:
    • Roundtable Discussion: All members raise/discuss/advise on day-to-day issues
    • Focused Executive Review: A very “deep dive” into a member’s business
    • Educational Component: Discussion of strategic and functional topics of interest to members

Peer Review


Peace of Mind


  • Bring-in any business plans, ideas or problems 
  • Walk-out with actual recommendations/solutions 
  • Leading-edge business thinking, metrics and tools
  • Regular follow-up and accountability
  • Safe, effective, confidential…informal but focused
  • Improve any area of your business… discover what you might have missed
  • Learn multiple ways of solving business problems
  • Get advice/feedback before you do a big roll out
  • Make better business decisions, learn to “fully run your business”…get peace of mind
  • Multiple sets of brains, eyes, ears and experiences are better than one!
  • Free monthly newsletter and webinar
  • Visit a meeting (no cost/obligation) to see for yourself
  • No Contract! 

A Few Examples of Focal Points and Actual Results

Focal-Points - Engaging Business Owners

Results - How We Helped Business Owners

  • Business growth stages and dynamics
  • Simplifying business plans and strategies
  • Understanding customers' buying decisions
  • Reducing/slowing the commoditization of products and services
  • Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Hiring employees who "fit" the culture
  • Dealing with difficult employees (including relatives)
  • Building an agile organization to improve execution and competitive
  • Negotiating skills for a "win-win"
  • Managing risk and securing the business
  • Lawsuits and bankruptcy avoided
  • Financing rounds completed succesfully
  • M&As succesfully-executed
  • Cash management under control
  • Customer portfolios cleaned-up/improved
  • Customer loyalty improved
  • Recurring revenue increased
  • Business valuation increased
  • Employee conflict resolved/overall performance improved
  • Business owner recognition earned as Gwinnett County Entrepreneur of the Year

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